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Woman's Day magazine is written and edited for the contemporary woman. It covers the various issues that are important to women today. Woman's Day features articles that are devoted to information on food and nutrition, health and fitness, beauty and fashion as well as the traditional values of home, family and children. In Woman's Day magazine the changing needs of women are also addressed with articles which focus on careers, money management, law and relationships. Order your subscription online today.

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Woman's Day Subscription Reviews

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Great cover~
I love Womans Day Magazine because it has great articles and recipes.
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Great Magazine
I would recommend it for any one.
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Woman's Day
Good articles and recipe's with a lot of the information appealing to women of different ages. Long time subscriber.
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Has good medical articles.
Save for medical information.
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A bargain at any price!
The price is right for 17 issues a year! Regular articles dive into fitness, food, health, and much more. I count on it.
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Fun and Informative!
I am a third generation reader...Grew-up reading this great mag; and have learned much about food prep, presentation, and safe practices...Also a wide range of topics including home decor, finances, personal style, personal relationships, (virtually everything) are discussed in an user findly format! I (we) love Woman's Day...
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Always read from cover to cover!!!
1. Easy Reading 2. Ends Too Soon
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all women,its very interesting to read
2.things that r great about everything
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arts and crafts
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Reading rage
It has very creative ideas about everything. you can always go back to an old issue and find interesting and creative ideas to use.
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