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ESPN is oversized so it's bigger in your hands. Sports reporting the way it ought to be. Ideas, news, pictures, laughs, player profiles, innovative graphics, inside information, and amazing access to places you've never been before. ESPN The Magazine previews what happens next. The match-ups, the players and teams to watch. Coverage of pro and college basketball, pro and college football, baseball and hockey in every issue. Plus, regular columns, inside information and laughs from ESPN personalities: Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott, Rich Eisen and Linda Cohn. See for yourself... Order Now!

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ESPN Magazine Subscription Reviews

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I love the awesome action shots from all different sports, that's my favorite thing about ESPN the Magazine.
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Excellent Magazine at a great price
This is an excellent magazine with terrific pictures. I love to read up about my CUBS and BEARS using this mag. Also, this magazine is invaluable for all of my pre fantasy draft reserach. It is the perfect reading for my trip to spring training...ValueMags delivers again with an excellent product at a great price!
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Just what I needed for causal reading
Brings personal stories to the world of sports
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Great product! I'll definitely buy again
This is a great magazine! Easy to read and up-to-date content. It always has incredible stats along with cool pictures!
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I would buy this product again.
This magazine is for my 11 year old son. He really enjoys reading it.
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Good Mix
This is a great sports magazine for the person that does not want to engage in lengthy articles but wants to keep up to date on whats going on in the sports world. Provides insight into sports that the more mainstream magazines do not give props to.
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Sparks Teen's Reading!
Bought magazine for teen grandsons...they love it..too many adds ..while I understand that is how the magazine makes money...maybe a few more articles could be featured
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