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Working Mother is the only national magazine that helps moms with careers balance their personal and professional lives. The magazine serves women boldly, celebrating the joys, humor and challenges of working moms. Showcasing readers, not celebrities, on the covers, the magazine has three sections you, work and family that address the three touchpoints of a working mom's life. Groundbreaking initiatives, including Working Mother 100 Best Companies and Best Companies for Multicultural Women, are speeding the pace of improvements in work/life policies and the advancement of women. By charting this progress, Working Mother helps readers understand what is possible in their own careers, families and busy lives. (Working Mother publishes 4 issues annually.)

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Working Mother Subscription Reviews

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A magazine mothers need
I had never heard of this magazine until I picked it up to read it at the YMCA. I was so impressed that the articles really are geared towards real life working mothers and not just about 2 parent families with unreal incomes and issues. I ordered a subscription immediately and have not been disappointed yet!
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Working Mother is the Best!
I purchased the subscription to "Working Mother" as a gift for my daughter - It was one of the few things on her "wish list" for her birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed Working Mother magazine when my own kids were young, and it's still informative and entertaining. Every working mother with young children will come away from each issue with a "pearl" of insight, or helpful tip - and the feeling that others share your concerns and sense of humor!
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