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Seventeen Magazine is the only magazine for the modern teenage girl. In each issue you'll read about the latest fashions, trends for teens, beauty and style tips, relationship advice, and the hottest news on today's biggest heart throbs.

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Seventeen Subscription Reviews

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I would buy this product again
Bought for gifts for granddaughters and for neighbor girl
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Seventeen is a hip magazine
My teenager niece enjoys reading Seventeen. She gets the latest hip fashion ideas and is inspired by it.
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Seventeen. Not just eye candy.
Even though Seventeen's primary focus is fashion and famous celebrity, this teen magazine is not mere eye candy. Mixed among the cutting-edge styles you'll find short but plentiful articles. Topics range in import: fluff stuff like "What Will You Wear Back to School?" and "The Ultimate Ponytail Guide" is balanced by heavier fodder surrounding the biggest issues being talked about around the globe. Seventeen magazine will surprise you with its relevant and useful stories as it gets you to think, shop and look forward to each issue.
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I would buy this product again and again
This is a great magazine at a great price...it also makes a great gift
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I read it cover to cover every time I get it.
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