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Predator Xtreme's target audience consists of predator and varmint hunters and hunters interested in technical information about guns and habitat. This magazine is for the hunter interested in all aspects of the sport. Issues cover topics from night hunting to hunting for furs, and readers will get all the information they need on the right gear. Published bimonthly.

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Predator Xtreme Subscription Reviews

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I suggest this to everyone I meet
Always pick up something new, something I did not think of.
Great articles on loading. New equipment.
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a lot of knowledge is so little space
I find it informative helping the first timmer as well as the seasoned veteren. It shows up to date gear and will also show what you can expect to pay for it (sometimes).
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First Ttime Buyer
As a neophyte east coast predator hunter(mainly coyotes), I'm looking for as much info as possible to limit the amount of mistakes I may make. The first issue I received had a good article relevant to east coast hunting as opposed to west coast where you can see hundreds of yards. I'm hoping for more articles related to the east coast as the dvd format in stores is almost all west coast hunting. I was pleased with my first issue as it covered from crow hunting to cougar hunting. Good diversification.
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Varment Hunters Goldmine
keeps me informed about new products to put dogs on the ground
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Was this review helpful?
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