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Discovery and innovation are reshaping the world around us, and Popular Science makes even the most complex ideas entertaining and accessible. As the world’s largest science and technology magazine, we present the best hopes for our planet, our lives, our children and our future through the individuals and ideas that are building a better world. Popular Science puts the latest news in gadgets, software, and scientific innovation in the palm of your hand!

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Popular Science Subscription Reviews

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One of the best science magazines
It has articles on things not yet out in the public eye. Very informative!
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good,, i like it
this book is great
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i have read this magazine for years.
sit back read and be prepaired to learn a lot about this countrys new ideas........this magazine will blow you away...........
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Popular Science- Easy to Understand
A good magazine for everyone to keep up to date with what is happening in Science.
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Cool Beans!
The pictures are always great! One can never predict what will be included in the next issue, always really fascinating things!
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"Great Tech Magazine"
This magazine is amazing.
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The Latest in Science News
I find science and technology very interesting, so having all this information in the monthly magazines, I am very happy. I am always learning new things to share to my friends and family.

The ads aren't a big problem since there are so many content to read. Also, the majority of the ads are at the end.
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We love this magazine
I got this for my husband for Christmas last year, but we've both been enjoying it. It's a great read when you only have a few minutes. The artiles are short, engaging and educational.
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Popular Science
Highly informative of today's technology and scientific discoveries.
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Great learning tool!
I use PopSci to stay in touch with advancing technology. The magazine always has incredibly interesting articles on new and old technologies, but there are far too many advertisements in the magazine.
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