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InStyle invites you to meet celebrities at home to see how they express themselves in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Find out where your favorite stars are hanging out, where they go to get beautiful from the inside out and learn how to live like one - without spending a fortune. With InStyle magazine, you can create a personal style that's uniquely yours with inspiring ideas. Discover the best of fashion in every price range and expert beauty advice you can use to create your signature look. Enjoy tips for entertaining with style and intimate looks at your favorite celebrities - their homes, wardrobe, and personal beauty secrets.

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InStyle Subscription Reviews

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Great mag!
I love the magazine. I like the styles, and the articles are useful. GREAT makeup tips too!
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Love it!! Keeps me informed on STYLE!
Helps to keep current with the styles and trends that are constantly changing.
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In Style
I love this magazine or should I call it my style bible. There is a tremendous amount of beauty tips, what is in style now and how to get it. I sell designer inspired purses and before I go shopping I look at my In Style to see what I need to get. Go In Style you are the best.
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Pretty pictures
Good for breezing through pictures, not much substance otherwise.
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