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Modern women look to Cosmopolitan magazine for fashion, beauty, relationship advice and celebrity news. Cosmopolitan magazine always has the latest and hottest dish on your favorite stars, raciest relationship confessionals and tips, and the Cosmo quiz! Don't miss a single issue -- subscribe now!

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Cosmopolitan Subscription Reviews

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I would definitely continue to read this
I am such a fan of Cosmo. Have been for years. They have such insightful articles that seek to inform their readers as well as fun, light articles to read to pass time and share with friends. I can't say enough good things to say about Cosmo.
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cheap and easy is better in a magazine!
Entertaining and interesting.
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Nothing Better!
It is a great read i learn a lot!
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I have been a fan of Cosmo for years and was glad to have the opportunity to be brought back again and to see how it has really grown...LOVE YOU COSMO YESTERDAY, TODAY AND ALWAYS TOMORROW
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This has always been my favorite mag! Being able to be the first to know about new products, reviews, and tons of great articles. ValueMags definitely delivered for a great price!
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Cosmopolitan Magazine
A little less sex and more relevant topics please.
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Love it!
I love finding Cosmopolitan in my mailbox! When I do, I want to make time just for me and my mag. I like to curl up in bed and read it from start to finish. I laugh out loud from the stories from readers and love to get through all the interesting articles to fill out the quiz...the only thing is that most of the time I have to change my answers to fit the quiz....but other than that, I LOVE it! Thanks, Cosmo!
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I read this in spare time; before bed or on my lunch break at work. There are some good articles....and some silly. But this mix makes it a light entertaining read without being too taxing.
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Get Tips and Tricks
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"I would buy this product again"
I enjoy reading this magazine for pleasure/leisure reading.
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