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More About Teen Magazines

Encourage your young adult's interest in reading by subscribing to one our Teen titles. These magazines satisfy teens' cravings for fashion, beauty, sports, and celebrity news, and many publications give teens the opportunity to speak out and reach their peers through a new medium. When teen girls want the latest dish on all their favorite celebrities, the best back to school fashions, and creative hair and makeup tricks to help them stand out from the pack they turn to Seventeen. The quintessential teen magazine, Seventeen also features profiles on girls who are working to make a difference in their schools and communities. As one of the most well-rounded magazines targeted at teenaged girls, Seventeen balances lighthearted puff pieces with features about real issues affecting young girls today. Another excellent choice for young women is Teen Vogue, the little sister of the iconic fashion magazine. While page after page of funky fashion features are definitely the highlights here, Teen Vogue also asks and answers the questions on teen girls' minds. Celebrity-centric titles like J-14, M Magazine and Twist are great quick reads, packed with full-page photos and posters along with the latest teen and tween celebrity gossip. For young men, Breakaway is an excellent publication that centers on sports and celebs and deals with real-life issues like peer pressure and family relationships. There are also several teen magazines that showcase submissions of fiction, poetry, humor, art and advice from young adult readers. Cicada is a thought-provoking publication that helps teenagers cope with growing into adulthood, and Teen Ink is written entirely by young adults. Teenagers will find music, TV and movie reviews written by someone in their own demographic, plus they'll get the inside scoop on colleges, classes, jobs and volunteer projects just for teens.