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Point, click and subscribe to one of our Photography Magazines. Edited for photography buffs from beginners to professionals, our Photography Magazines cover everything from equipment to composition. Take inspiration from the pages of Popular Photography & Imaging magazine, one of the leaders in the photo-mag field. Instructional articles are fully illustrated, so you get the best shot every time, whether you're shooting with a digital or a traditional film camera. Once you've captured the ideal shot, let Popular Photography & Imaging help you make it perfect with tips from Photoshop pros and development and printing whizzes. If taking stunning creative photos is your main goal, find inspiration in the pages of American Photo magazine. American Photo emphasizes the best in creative photography, from advertising to editorial, and takes you behind the lens with some of today's most respected photogs. For connoisseurs of fine photography, Aperture magazine is a good bet. With a focus on the world's best photographs and essays that give you insight into the photographers' creative processes, Aperture is a good fit for readers who are more interested in viewing photos than taking them. And if moving pictures are more up your alley, check out Videomaker magazine, which provides tips and techniques, equipment reviews and the latest in videomaking technology.