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History magazines take you on a journey back through time. These publications will help you discover great artists, inventors and the real meaning behind the Old West. Whether you're searching for the history of technology or warfare, you'll be able to read accounts from great historians as they lead you on voyages through great battles and introduce you to people who've made their mark in history. For a blast from the past, look no further than the popular and well-read Smithsonian. The magazine will have you exploring, discovering and traveling the world, meeting a diverse group of people who have made a significant impact on history. If you thought the days of the wild, wild West are a thing of the past, turn to Wild West and remember how the wild was put into the West. The magazine delivers the people, places and events that bring the great American western frontier to life again. Learn about the cowboys, adventurers and settlers that ran up against the infamous outlaws. For those who want to learn more about the Old West, fire up a subscription to Guns of the Old West, which will get your guns blazing! Fans of the magazine appreciate the fast growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, claiming that the West, once again, comes alive! Articles focus on firearms, wardrobe, holsters and knives, all items needed o bring you back to the days of the 1800s. For a broader look into events of the past, take a walk back through time with History Magazine, where stories of exploration, invention, innovation and war are featured along with plenty of informative pieces on the development of government, medicine, technology, trade and the arts. You can always step up to the frontlines and find out what it was really like on the battlefields with Military History, a magazine that provides informational articles armed with facts on the history of warfare from top writers and historians. Younger budding history buffs will likely be reading Calliope, a world history magazine for children ages nine to 14, that lets kids explore historical themes, prominent leaders, inventors, artists and some of the most important writers throughout history.