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This Old House magazine brings the craftsmanship of building houses and anything in the house, tomorrow’s ideas, and today’s living all under one roof for you.

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More about This Old House magazine: For those who are passionate about their homes, This Old House magazine offers expert advice on all things related to home improvement--remodeling, upgrades, tools, materials and products with the hope that the old can seamlessly be transformed into the new. Based on the PBS television program, This Old House magazine is designed to help readers not only improve their home, but also provide suggestions on maintaining them. Whether the project calls for backyard redesign, upgrading the kitchen, landscaping or utility-cost savings, This Old House provides an abundance of tips and easy-to-follow advice. One popular section titled “Salvage,” features a common household item that hardly gets used, but This Old House takes the featured item and shows off creative ways of using it; saving it from being pitched into the trash.

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Not just for Owners of Old Houses!
I love old houses and am fortunate to have a 112 year old victorian. There are those times when a love/hate factor develops with my house. One of the most enjoyable areas of This Old House magazine are comments from writers lamenting many of the same experiences we all seem to have caring for and updating our homes. It's fun and informative to read other's accounts and reassuring that we are not alone in our endeavors to keep these old beauties going. This Old House is the best publication for information and ideas about our homes.
by: anonymous
2/12/2010 6:23:00 AM
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