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Parents is America's leading magazine devoted to serving people who are raising children. This magazine is designed for women ages 18-34 with growing children. Its editorial focus is on family formation and growth including the daily needs and concerns of modern mothers. It also regularly features information about beauty, food, fashion, home, age specific child development, health, pregnancy, marriage, finance, child care, education and discipline.

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More about Parents: Targeted toward moms and dads raising little ones, Parents magazine offers all types of helpful tips for child rearing. This thick, family-oriented publication gets packed full of articles ranging from health and safety issues, to kid gear. There is something for just about every parent inside, as there are plenty of articles that focus on babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age kids. While some articles are targeted toward the entire family, others are more specifically targeted toward moms, including fertility and pregnancy issues. Parents magazine tries not to skip a beat, as it stays on top of the latest news that can affect children, including dangerous toy recalls. With the recent baby buzz sweeping Hollywood, it’s not surprising that celebrity moms are often featured in Parents magazine. Past articles have included Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes and Gwen Stefani.

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There are nice pictures, many ads about new baby "garb", the latest strollers, clothes, lotions. The articles are informative but there are only a few in each issue. It would be nice to see "regular" people in the magazine instead of all the picture perfect moms with the picture perfect babies..
by: anonymous
3/29/2009 10:20:00 PM
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