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National Geographic Kids magazine is packed full of great pictures and information on everything under the sun: animals, planets, the environment and travel. Kids will learn all kinds of fascinating facts about every aspect of the world around them by reading stories, playing games, and doing fun activities in every issue of National Geographic Kids magazine. Subscribe now so you won't miss a single issue of National Geographic Kids magazine!

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More about National Geographic Kids magazine: Adventurous and inquisitive youngsters will love National Geographic Kids magazine! Chock full of games, jokes, activities and stories of neat people and places, National Geographic Kids encourages interaction and curiosity about the world around us. Vibrant pictures and smart, fun-to-read stories helped National Geographic Kids earn the "Periodical of the Year" award. Parents and children alike will have a blast reading about exotic animals and pets, hands-on science experiments you can do at home, and upcoming kid-friendly movies. Each issue comes with collector's trading cards with fast facts that encourage learning and questioning. Dare to explore by subscribing to National Geographic Kids magazine!

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Expected more from "Nat'l Geographic"
I homeschool my 11 yr old daughter. Bought this mag thinking anything published by Nat'l Geo had to be good. Wrong! Mag is too chopped up; too "busy"; too many distracting Ads; too many mini topics & not much educational. Possibly for entertainment but we're on 4th issue and she hasn't even looked at it since it arrived last week - and she Loves to read magazines! Main article is ok & photos are nice. Print size is Tiny,TINY! Do they sell eyeglasses too?
by: anonymous
11/27/2009 1:47:00 AM
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