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The National Enquirer is the undisputed leader in the field of celebrity journalism. In every issue, you’ll find the REAL UNTOLD STORY about your favorite celebrities. PLUS- the behind-the-scenes exclusives that only the ENQUIRER can deliver.

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More About National Enquirer: If tabloids were thought of as notorious, then the National Enquirer would win first place, by a long shot. Probably the most buzz-worthy tabloid, the National Enquirer does a great job at delivering celebrity drama and high-profile crime investigations. Want to know where Angelina Jolie walked in on Jen and Brad? How about the details on Elizabeth Smart? This is only the tip of the iceberg from a publication that operates on love/hate relationship. Readers seem to love the publication, while, many of the famous, for obvious reasons, hate it. Perhaps that’s why the Enquirer has a hefty staff of attorneys at their beck and call. Inside, readers can expect at least one article on the latest celebrity diet fad, and a bizarre story about an average person, with some malady or off-the-charts talent. While the National Enquirer gets the latest scoop around town, it certainly pays a high price for it, literally, when it has shelled out upwards of $1 million, as rumors have stated, for some very exclusive photos.

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