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Golf magazine gives you access to the leading authority on the game of golf. Featuring insightful instructions to enhance your game, professional tournament coverage, equipment reviews and extensive articles Golf Magazine is essential for the serious golfer.

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More About Golf: It’s not hard to see why avid golfers and fans of the game have made Golf magazine a popular read. This, in part, is thanks to a whole host of golfing tips and tricks provided that could help improve even the most experienced golfer’s game. For the novice still navigating their way on the greens, Golf magazine has special sections like “The Starter,” where step-by-step instructions and pictures cover everything from the proper way to hold clubs, to the correct way to swing, depending on the shot. One of the most popular sections in Golf magazine, appropriately called “Your Game,” offers helpful advice on game improvement, complete with photos and easy-to-read bullet points for skimming. Just about every topic related to game improvement is addressed here, from “Adding Power in Your Backswing” to “Swing Smoother Instantly.” Golf magazine also provides interviews and profiles of famous golfers, including some of the game’s most celebrated like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. If lucky enough, readers may find a few interviews with pros who reveal their secrets on how to win tournaments. Product reviews can be found in every issue, which can include guides to the year’s hottest new equipment--a must-have for those seeking the latest and greatest in golf gear.

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great but not for beginners
I bought this for my husband who enjoys it but complains that it doesn't help him as much since he is only a beginner who is working to get better at his skills.
by: anonymous
8/12/2009 10:07:00 AM
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