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Get your hands an icon of the investment community with the Fortune magazine. Each issue is devoted to the many facets of business: technology, companies, global economics, and, of course, your personal fortune. Fortune magazine has grown and prospered investing as much in content as ad space and staying in print since the 1930s.

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More About Fortune: One of the most popular among financial publications, Fortune magazine, caters primarily to executives, as it does a great job at covering all aspects of business, including technology, global economies, financial markets and U.S. politics. Perhaps what Fortune is best known for is its annual list ranking the largest U.S. corporations, better known as “The Fortune 500.” Other past lists include “America’s Forty Richest Under Forty” and “The 50 Most Powerful Women in America.” As expected, a majority of the articles focus on corporate America, powerful CEOs and the economy. Features include interviews with prominent CEOs and recent corporate newsmakers, with some Q & A’s focused on those behind recent headlines. Expect plenty of editorials, columns and differing perspectives on hot topics. While Fortune magazine won’t necessarily tell you how to get into the money, but some of the features will certainly show you how others got there.

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Best Birthday Gift EVER
My son requested it for his birthday gift. He said it was the BEST gift ever given. He is 31 yrs old and a serious investor for his future and children's college funds.
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