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Fitness RX for Women Subscription

Fitness RX: Your Ultimate Prescription for the Perfect Body, provides women with new scientific information in the areas of health, fitness and lifestyle. It explores exercise, nutrition, health and wellness, supplementation, cosmetic enhancement, inner and outer beauty, and sexual fulfillment.

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Well rounded magazine for everyone!
I love this magazine because there are a lot of articles on recent research, so the readers get the most up to date information going in the health/fitness/weight/nutrition loss world. It's an easy read too! Even with all of the research being talked about in short, easy to read articles it is done in a friendly language, which is easy to understand.

Plus the pictures are fun and engaging!

The only thing I think people wouldn't like might be the ads. There are ads that show how suppliments could help you achieve what you want but they are ADS not them shoving it down your throat. Every fitness magazine is going to have them!
by: anonymous
8/3/2009 7:29:00 PM
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