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Air & Space Smithsonian is a monthly magazine published by the Smithsonian Institution of the United States in Washington, D.C. Air & Space Smithsonian magazine creatively explores and displays the various ways that flight continues to change the world by featuring the people, places, issues and innovations of the air age. Air & Space Smithsonian features articles on the history of flight, flight today, military aviation and space exploration.

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More about Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine: Aviation aficionados take flight with help from Air & Space Smithsonian magazine! Air & Space is an ideal title for anyone with a fascination for all things air-related. Stories about all forms of air travel — from fighter jets to commercial planes to spacecraft — abound in each issue, with an in-depth focus on both the history and future of flight. Learn about all the intriguing facets of the air age, with features on space exploration, air racing, show planes, and innovations in the field of flight. Because Air & Space is published by the Smithsonian Institute, you know articles are well-researched and always presented with an entertaining twist. Start your subscription to Air & Space Smithsonian today and get the scoop on the skies!

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