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Running Times consistently brings you great writing on the sport by runners for runners. It's the dedicated runner's best source for expert information on training, racing, sports medicine, inspiration, news,profiles and more.

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More About Running Times: Lace up those running shoes and hit the road…but not before you read the latest issue of Running Times. Running Times has all the information endurance athletes need for running faster, longer and smarter. Customize your marathon or half marathon training plan with help from Running Times’ coaches, and get the scoop on all the latest and greatest in running attire and gear. Learn about injury prevention and find out how to get back on track faster after sustaining an injury. Nutrition, stretching, cross-training and race strategies are all included in each issue of Running Times. You’ll also get to know the world’s fastest and most dedicated athletes, get race updates from around the world, and find the top trails that aren’t to be missed. Your Running Times subscription will offer great advice, whether you’re a high school athlete, a weekend warrior or a professional marathoner. Subscribe today!

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