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Mopar Action Magazine is the best-selling Mopar enthusiasts' magazine on the market today. Mopar Action Magazine covers the entire world of Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge vehicles, including classics, muscle cars, race cars, new car road tests, performance tips and technical advice articles with personality profiles, coverage of major Mopar events, restoration advice and club news from around the world.

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More about Mopar Action Magazine: Rev up your engine and get in the fast lane with a subscription to Mopar Action, the magazine that puts you in the driver’s seat of Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge vehicles. Inside, you’ll get a look at some of the most prized and respected classics, along with every detail on featured souped-up muscle and race cars. In every issue, you’ll find performance tips, car road tests, club news, and technical and restoration advice, including body and paint tips. But don’t pull away without seeing Mopar Action’s special features, which can show you the art of metalcrafting or take you under-the-hood with a designer who worked on the first-generation A-body ‘Cuda. Sign up today and put the pedal to the medal!

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