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Maxim magazine has all the latest info every guy needs: money, fitness, women, gear, entertainment, and sex. Plus every issue includes insider tips on what to buy in everything from technology to clothes -- all delivered in the irreverent style that Maxim magazine fans appreciate.

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More About Maxim: A popular men's magazine deemed "Guys' Ultimate Guide," the edgy Maxim provides all the necessities a guy finds a little obsession with--money, fitness, entertainment, and of course, women. While Maxim focuses a large part of its content on women, specifically, very attractive women, it also includes plenty of witty remarks and engaging fodder which help make this publication a hot selling item. Although sex stories keep Maxim on the charts, including juicy features like sex between friends, other topics appear tamer, like an in-depth look at the new Porsche 911, or a celebrity interview with Mick Jagger, in a Q&A format. Certainly no men's publication would be complete sans sports and travel sections, where the savvy will find gadgets, gear and style peppered in between.

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Good Magazine
This mag is very informative, and keeps up with current trends. The girls they feature are awesome and super hot! I recommend this mag to everybody.
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The models are great.
The tips and suggestions are great.
Too many boring contents and topics.
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It's ok. Kind of small on iPad
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great magazine. awesome articles and fun stuff
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Great magazine..keeps ME up to date!!
Would like to say that this is a great magazine because it covers everything that is currently happening in the world with a bit of humor as well as great articles to read.
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Our Troops Love Maxim!!!!
Maxim is one of the most requested items by our troops in the war zone. I have been sending it now for over a year. Because of the tasteful presentation of "pin-ups" Maxim is ideal for sending to the Muslim countries. The articles are also of great interest to our troops. Maxim magazines get passed from soldier to soldier and read and re-read.
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I read it every month.
Great magazine. Lots of interesting stories.
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2011 has been a great year for Maxim
Great pictures from a wide variety of celebrities.
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great mens magazine hot women and great
mens mag. this is the best
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