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FLEX is devoted to covering the sport of bodybuilding for the purist, whether it be the competitor or the hard core fan. Flex examines the various facets of both men's and women's bodybuilding. Covered are workout routines and nutritional discoveries and back stage bodybuilding events. The Secrets of the Champions, Competitive Tactics and Strategy and How to Manage a Successful Bodybuilding Career are just a few of the topics that are covered in Flex.

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More About Flex Magazine: For men and women bodybuilders looking for additional workout routines, nutritional discoveries and an up-close look at competitions, Flex magazine, the ultimate bodybuilding resource, caters almost primarily to the hard-core and their fans. Flex is not just about pumping iron. Inside, readers can find the magazine’s real strength—a wealth of information on training and nutrition—the two calling cards that almost all bodybuilders will find extremely important. Articles are informative and get straight to the point, whether they are suggesting routines on muscle training, shedding pounds or tips on avoiding injuries. What many find intriguing and valuable about Flex, are secrets revealed by top bodybuilders, and an insider’s view to successful competition strategies.

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