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Fitness RX for Women Subscription

Fitness RX: Your Ultimate Prescription for the Perfect Body, provides women with new scientific information in the areas of health, fitness and lifestyle. It explores exercise, nutrition, health and wellness, supplementation, cosmetic enhancement, inner and outer beauty, and sexual fulfillment.

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Fitness RX for Women Subscription Review

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Based on proven current science
The articles in this magazine are not an attempt to sell supplements like in many fitness publications. Each article is based on current scientific studies and written by an expert, often a credentialed person.

Also, the magazine has a good mix of training and nutrition. It's not a lot of fluff and no 1000 calorie diets. It's for real women doing real workouts and not with the little 2lb weights.

I consider this magazine the best women's fitness magazine on the market today. The only thing I would like to see that it doesn't have is very muscular women such as bodybuilders. The women pictured are fit but not especially muscular to the degree of some of the great physique magazines of the past. I suspect some man has made this decision. If such women were pictured, it would be a five star magazine.
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The Best
I have been subscribing to this magazine for years. I keep all my issues for reference. The Exercise routines are excellent and descriptive. By far the best magazine out there for fitness. Magazines like Shape, Self, and the others do not come close. I would say #1 Fitness RX, #2 Oxygen #3 Her Muscle and Fitness.
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Well rounded magazine for everyone!
I love this magazine because there are a lot of articles on recent research, so the readers get the most up to date information going in the health/fitness/weight/nutrition loss world. It's an easy read too! Even with all of the research being talked about in short, easy to read articles it is done in a friendly language, which is easy to understand.

Plus the pictures are fun and engaging!

The only thing I think people wouldn't like might be the ads. There are ads that show how suppliments could help you achieve what you want but they are ADS not them shoving it down your throat. Every fitness magazine is going to have them!
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Great weight loss ideas and resources
Very good valuable fitness information for all
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Not useful
This magazine is trying to convince readers that through pill-popping and unrealistic eating lifestyles you will "instantly" lose weight and look "perfect". Fitness is really about eating healthy/well and exercising..not a miracle pill that will only increase your heart levels to dangerous levels and/or just be a waste of your time and money. This magazine is a waste and youre better off purchasing a more useful and realistic magazine such as Self or Shape.
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