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Fangoria magazine features terror teletype, chopping list, and more horror news pictures.

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More about Fangoria: Horror fans, you are not alone! Fangoria magazine, a one-stop shop for in-depth horror coverage of movie news, previews, interviews and reviews are packed with plenty of freight, gore and blood, just a few of the magazine’s specialties. Expect grotesque photos splattered throughout the features, which will have even the strongest stomachs feeling a bit queasy. Inside Fanoria, you’ll also find the latest in scary television programming and DVD releases. Fans who love to read about “The Zombie Diaries” or “The Midnight Meat Train” certainly won’t be disappointed. In fact, Fangoria is deemed by many fans of the horror genre as the best magazine on the market, which would certainly not make it a deadbeat publication! Don’t miss out. Play it safe and pick up a subscription today. You may even feel a few chills run down your spine.

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