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Calliope magazine covers curriculum-mandated world history themes which show readers that world history is a continuation of events, not a series of isolated, unrelated occurrences. Maps, time lines, and photographs are included in this publication, which is geared towards children ages 9 and up.

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More about Calliope Magazine: A world history magazine for children ages nine to 14 published only during the school year, Calliope magazine lets kids explore first-hand historical themes in an engaging way. In every issue, kids will find history details accompanied by plays, contests, activities, word origins, games and puzzles. Calliope gives kids a backstage pass, allowing them to gain a glimpse into some of the most prominent leaders, inventors, artists and writers throughout history. A wide variety of themes are covered, with recent issues featuring Genghis Khan, Heroes and Heroines of Early Rome and Charles Dickens. While parents and teachers may find Calliope magazine a great way for kids to learn about history, with the hopes of even creating some history buffs early on, kids like it for its ability to take dense material and morph it into fun lessons, trivia and bits of easily digestible information.

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Calliope makes a great gift!
Calliope magazine is the perfect passport to world history because it goes beyond the basic facts to explore provocative issues. Kids will learn about the people and events that shaped world history with the Calliope subscription - Napoleon, Tang Dynasty and Galileo, just to name a few.
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