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Mad Magazine cover
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Magazine Title Years Price Savings   Rating
Action Comics 1 $24.99 30%
4.0 rating
(2 reviews)
Amazing Spiderman 1 $29.99 0%  
Batman 1 $24.99 25%
5.0 rating
(1 reviews)
Captain America 1 $29.99 16%  
Connected World 1 $12.97 56%  
Detective Comics 1 $24.99 30%  
Fantastic Four 1 $29.99 0%  
Green Lantern Comic 1 $24.99 7%  
Indestructible Hulk 1 $23.97 11%
5.0 rating
(1 reviews)
Justice League of America 1 $24.99 31%
5.0 rating
(1 reviews)
Looney Tunes 1 $24.99 30%  
Mad Magazine 1 $19.99 52%
3.5 rating
(6 reviews)
Mad Magazine 2 $29.99 54%
3.5 rating
(6 reviews)
Scooby Doo 1 $24.99 30%
3.0 rating
(2 reviews)
Secret Warriors 1 $24.97 48%  
SUPERBOY 1 $24.99 30%  
Supergirl 1 $24.99 30%  
Superman 1 $24.99 30%
4.0 rating
(1 reviews)
Uncanny X-men 1 $29.99 12%  
Wonder Woman 1 $24.99 24%  

More About Comics

Enter the colorful world of comics where words and sequential pictures come to life to tell stories packed with adventure, humor and satire. Watch your favorite superhero crush villains in many popular comic books housed under DC Comics and Marvel Comics, two of the biggest household names in comic book companies. Come take flight with Superman and all the storylines that revolve around truth and justice as the Man of Steel fights off the evil of Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Darkseid and Doomsday. See why Superman is at the top of comic book history and how he crushes villains on the fly. Adored by fans all across the world, you'll soon catch the Amazing Spider-man spin his web of adventures in this popular comic series. A hero to many because of his ?spider sense? and spider-like sticking abilities, he uses his superhuman strength and agility to quickly spring to his feet landing on the top of buildings to protect New York from the evil of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus or Venom, three of his biggest enemies. Take a ride in the Batmobile alongside Batman, one of the most lauded superhero comics of all times, as you follow his adventures in Gotham City that have him fighting notorious villains like the Joker. While the Incredible Hulk follows the adventures of Dr. Bruce Banner, who was caught in the midst of a nuclear explosion--a victim of a gamma bomb that he created--who, in times of emotional distress, turns into the he most powerful man on Earth, The Incredible Hulk! While many go mad for Mad Magazine, there's a reason why. It's filled with bits of social parody, political humor and plenty spoofs on modern culture, but its maddest quality must be the love of the idiotic.